The section contains the settings of the MyOffice Calendar:

Week starts on: Allows you to select the start of the working week (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) from the drop-down menu.

A check box for displaying Saturdays and Sundays: Allows you to select the working week, if necessary, while hiding weekends in the calendar.



A check box for selecting Saturdays and Sundays: Relevant if the box for displaying weekends is checked.

Week number: When the check box is enabled, it displays the number of the current week in the calendar.

Working hours: Allows you to select working hours in the calendar.

The start and end time of your working day, for the convenience of displaying in the calendar.

Timezone: Allows you to select the desired time zone manually. The field is not available if the Automatically detect timezone box is checked.

The check box for automatic time zone detection (to select the time zone yourself, uncheck the box).

Calendar display type (day, week, month).

Buffer time: Allows you to set the interval between events.

To set a break between events during which the user can be invited to the next event, but displayed in the Schedule as “occupied”, check the box in the Set the interval line and select the interval time from the drop-down list. If the user has a buffer time set, that is, the period between the events to which they are invited, then this buffer time will be displayed in the event scheduler as if the user was busy. The break is added to the time of the event in Schedule for each specific user, but at the same time, only the real time of the event will be reflected in the calendar, without information that the user has set a buffer time for themselves.

After entering the parameters, click Save at the bottom of the screen to save the settings.

To return to the main page of MyOffice Mail, MyOffice Calendar or MyOffice Contacts, click the button of the desired application at the bottom of the Navigation bar:

10 Mail: Go to MyOffice Mail

11 Calendar: Go to MyOffice Calendar

12 Contacts: Go to MyOffice Contacts

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