The Calendar section contains general settings of the MyOffice Calendar application:

The work day start and end time, ensuring easy display in your calendar.

A check box to highlight working hours in the calendar.

The first day of the week.

A check box to highlight working days in the calendar.

Time zone (allows to select the desired time zone manually). This field is disabled if the Select time zone automatically box is checked.

A check box to automatically detect the time zone (to select the time zone by yourself, uncheck the check box).

Type of calendar display (day, week, month).

A check box to display the week number.

Buffer time (allows you to set a time buffer time between events).

A check box to add a buffer time to the start and end of each event.

To set a break between events during which the user can be invited to the next event, but which will be displayed in the Schedule as “occupied time”, select the time from the drop-down list and check the Add to the beginning and end of all events box. If the user has a buffer time set, i.e. the period between the events to which the user is invited, this buffer time will be displayed in the Scheduler as if the user were busy. The break is added to the event time in the Schedule for each specific user, but the calendar will reflect only the actual time of the event, but not the information that the user has set a buffer time for their own needs.

After entering the settings, click Save at the bottom of the screen to save the settings.

To go back to the main page of MyOffice Mail, MyOffice Calendar or MyOffice Contacts click the respective button at the bottom of the Navigation bar:

10Mail: Go to MyOffice Mail

11Calendar: Go to MyOffice Calendar

12Contacts: Go to MyOffice Contacts

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