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Application: Mail Web version

To work with MyOffice Mail on iOS devices, when logging into the app from a new device, you can download a MyOffice user profile with automatic configuration of mail, calendar, tasks and contacts.

To upload a user profile to an iOS device, do the following:

1.Open a web browser on the device you are using.

2.Enter the MyOffice server address in the address bar of the web browser. The authorization page opens.

3.Log in to the system: enter your username and password and click Log In. The MyOffice application selection page opens:


4.Select MyOffice Mail application. If the user profile is not loaded on the device, the Quick setup window opens:


5.In the Quick Setup window, check the required boxes and then click one of the buttons:

Install now button to download the profile.

Proceed to the web app button to interrupt the profile data loading operation.

6.Confirm the need to load the configuration profile in the dialogue box that appears.

As a result, a message about successful loading of the profile will be displayed on the screen. For further installation, go to the device settings and confirm the installation of the profile on the device.

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