To mark an email as spam, select one or multiple emails in the list of emails in the workspace and click spamSpam on the Toolbar.

As a result, the selected emails will be moved to the Junk folder.

Restore emails from the Junk folder

1.Go to the Junk folder.

2.Select one or more emails that you want to restore.

3.ClickspamNot Spam to move the email to the Inbox folder. Or click 16Move and select the button where the email will be moved.

Clear the Junk folder

It is possible to clean the Junk folder completely. If there is at least one file in the Junk folder, a button is displayed to the right of the folder name. Click Clear. A dialog box appears on the screen to confirm that you want the Junk folder to be cleared. Confirm the action if you agree to the irretrievable deletion of the emails from the Junk folder.


When the Junk folder is cleared, the Clear button disappears from the screen and the Junk folder display pane is also cleared of files.

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