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To select messages in the active folder, do one of the following:

Click the avatar in the email line.

Press Ctrl+Space. This command allows to select the email or remove the selection.

To display read/unread/marked emails of the active folder, open the drop-down menu on the Toolbar and select the desired option.


To select all emails on the current page of the list, use one of the following options:

1.Click the Select all messages on the page button. All messages of the current page will be selected. The contents of the indicator will show the number of selected messages. An additional Select all messages button will appear on the screen, containing the total number of messages in the current folder.


If you click the Select all messages button, all messages on all pages of the folder will be selected.


To remove selection of messages on the current page, click the Select all messages on the page button again, and it is possible that messages on other pages of the folder will remain selected. To deselect all the messages contained in the current folder, open the context menu and choose Remove selection.



2.Use the Ctrl+Space key combination. The command allows selecting the message or cancel the selection. To select all messages of the folder, use the Ctrl+A key combination. The command works both for selecting and deselecting all messages.


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