To open an email in a new window, select it from the list of emails located in the Workspace of the "MyOffice Mail" application interface and click the 29 (Open in a new tab) button on the Toolbar of the email.

As a result of the operation, the email will be opened in a new tab of the web browser. The following main areas constitute the email interface:

1.The subject of the email, a block of information about the sender and recipients, the date and time of sending the email. To see the details about recipients, use the 31 button to the right of the date and time of the email.

2.Email Toolbar.

3.Attachment pane.

4.The body of the message.

5.A field for a quick response to an email.


When you hover the pointer over the avatar or user name, a pop-up window with detailed information about this user will appear in the sender and recipients information section:


If necessary, click the 3_3 (Write an email) button on the pop-up notification button to create a new email. for an individual user or the 15_15 (View сontact) button to go to the contact information page in MyOffice Contacts application (opens in a new tab of the web browser).

For users whose contacts are not in the address book, instead of the 15_15 (View сontact) button, the add_task (Add to Contacts) button is displayed. When you click the button, the button blocked, a contact is created in the Personal address book. If the contact is created successfully, a pop-up notification will be displayed on the screen containing a button to go to the contact card in MyOffice Contacts (opens in a new tab of the web browser).

The contact selected for viewing is always displayed on the first page of the address book.
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