The Search Bar is located at the bottom of the message and is called from the file menu (the Find section), or by keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F.


The pane contains the following fields:

Find in page: A text field for entering the search string.

Highlight All: Turn on/off the highlighting of all found occurrences.

Match exact case: Enabling/disabling case-sensitive mode when searching.

Match Diacritics: Enabling/disabling the mode of accounting for diacritics when searching.

Whole Words: Enable/disable the search mode for only whole words.

To replace the lines, click Replace. When it is clicked, Find and Replace dialog opens.


The dialog contains the following fields:

Find text: Search text.

Replace with: Search text.

Match exact case: Switching search modes case-sensitive/case-insensitive;

Wrap around: Switching the search start position from the beginning of the page/from the current position.

Search backwards: Switching the search direction in the forward/reverse direction.

Button Find next: Search for the next occurrence.

Button Replace: Replace the current occurrence.

Button Find and Replace: Replace the current occurrence and find the following.

Button Replace All: Replace all occurrences in the email.

Button Close: Close the dialog box.

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