Keyboard shortcuts for basic actions with emails:

Ctrl+Enter: Send email now

Ctrl+Shift+Enter: Send email later

Ctrl+N: New email

Ctrl+S: Save the email; depending on the current save setting, the email will be saved in File, Draft, Pattern

Ctrl+P: Print a draft

Ctrl+Z: Cancel the last action

Ctrl+Y: Repeat the canceled action

Ctrl+K: Insert a link into the text

Ctrl+Shift+K: Abort the link or remove links from the selected fragment

Ctrl+Shift+R: Remove named anchors

Ctrl+Shift+P: Check spelling

Ctrl+Shift+A: Attach a file

Ctrl+Shift+Y, Ctrl+Space: Interrupt or delete text styles

Ctrl+]: Increase the indentation

Ctrl+[: Reduce the indentation

Ctrl+B: Set the selected text to the bold style

Ctrl+I: Set the selected text to the italic style

Ctrl+U: Set the selected text to the underlined style

Ctrl+T: Set the text style to "monospaced"

Ctrl + >, Ctrl + .: Increase font size

Ctrl + <, Ctrl + ,: Reduce font size

Ctrl+R: Reformat the message text

Ctrl+A: Select all: message text or attachments

Ctrl+С: Copy

Ctrl+X: Cut

Ctrl+V: Insert

Ctrl+Z: Cancel

Ctrl+Y: Repeat

Ctrl+H: Find and replace text in the current message

Ctrl+F: Find the text in the current message

Ctrl+G, F3: Find again in the current message

Ctrl+Shift+G, Shift+F3: Find the previous in the current message

Shift+Enter: Insert a line break instead of a new paragraph

F2: Rename the attachment

F9: Switch the sidebar Contacts;

F6, Ctrl+F6, Ctrl+Tab : Go to the next main user interface element

Shift+F6, Ctrl+Shift+F6, Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Go to the previous main user interface element

Ctrl++, Ctrl+=, Ctrl+Scroll wheel up: Zoom in

Ctrl+-, Ctrl+Scroll wheel down: Zoom out

Ctrl+0: Reset the scale

Ctrl+1: Show the main application window

Ctrl+Shift+O: Insert as a quote

Ctrl+Shift+V: Insert without formatting

Ctrl + Click inside the cell: Select a table cell

Ctrl + Clicking on the border of the table: Select a table

Del: Delete the selected text, attachment, contents of table cells or table

Ctrl+Del: Delete a word to the right (from the pointer to the end of the word)

Ctrl+Backspace: Delete a word to the left (from the pointer to the beginning of the word)

Alt+Home: Move the attachment to the top of the attachment list

Alt+: Move the attachment higher

Alt+: Move the attachment together

Alt+: Move the attachment below

Alt+Home: Move the attachment to the top of the list

Alt+End: Move the attachment down

Alt+Y: Sort all attachments or selected attachments

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