Open the events pane in one of the following ways:

Select the Menu Bar item View > Events > Show events.

On the toolbar, click the menu button calendar_menu_btn MyOffice Mail menu, and then select View > Events > Show Events in the menu that appears.

In the lower right corner of the screen, click events_btn.

Press F11.

The events pane opens on the right side of the main screen, which displays a list of events and tasks.

Using the buttons events_panel_switch_btns you can switch between three pane modes:



3.Events and Tasks  


The Taskbar contains a list of all available tasks.

Use the switch Сompleted Tasks to display in the list of tasks that have already been completed. This type of task will be displayed in the list in a crossed-out form.

To add a new task, do one of the following:

Click the field at the bottom of the list and enter the name of the task. Press Enter. The new task will be added to the list.

Right-click the context menu anywhere in the pane. Select New Task.

To edit a task, do one of the following:

Double-click the task

Select a task, right-click the context menu, select Open Task.

Select a task, right-click the context menu. The following commands are available in the context menu of the task:

Cut: Cut the task

Copy: Copy the task

Paste: Paste a task

Mark Completed: Mark the task as completed

Priority: low, normal, high

Postpone Task: Postpone the task for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week

Calendar: Select a calendar for a task

Convert to Message: Convert a task to a message

Convert to Event: Convert a task to an event

Delete a task: Delete a task


The events pane contains a list of events for the selected day.

Use the buttons < and >, as well as a calendar for switching the current date.


To create a new task, click add_new_event. The new event event creation dialog will open.

Events and Tasks

The Events and Tasks pane contains both of the above panes at the same time, located vertically relative to each other.


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