To open a file or folder, move the pointer to the file or folder name and press the left mouse button.

You can also open a document or folder through the context menu by right-clicking the file or folder name.

Opening a password-protected file is impossible. Delete the password and upload the file once again.

The document in the internal file format of MyOffice will open in a new browser tab and can be edited.

Files in the format other than the internal format of MyOffice will open for preview. If you want to edit such files, click the but_enter_preview (Open with Editor) button. The file will be automatically converted into the internal format and open in a new browser tab for editing. If you open a .tsv, .tab, .scsv, or .csv  file, the following dialog box will appear on the screen:


Specify the desired parameters in the dialog box: the character set (encoding) type, the string delimiter, and column delimiter (one or multiple delimiters). The right part of the dialog box displays a preliminary layout of the document that corresponds to the selected parameters. Click the OK button to finish. The file will be converted to the internal format with the specified parameters and opened for editing in a new web browser tab.

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