To move a file or folder:

On the Toolbar, click knpk_more (More) > knpk_move (Move To) button.

Right-click the file or folder name and click the Move To command in the context menu.

Move files of folders within the file tree, in the left tree, to and from the left file tree.

Only the folders for which the user has editing rights can be selected as a new location of the file or folder. If a folder cannot be used for moving files or folders into, it will be marked gray as the user tries to move files or folders there.

Move files or folders

To move files or folders:

1.Select one or multiple files or folders on the list by clicking their icons.

2.Move files or folder using one of the moving methods.

3.In the opened window, select the folder where you want to move the selected file or folder. If you need to create a new folder for moving the file or folder:

Select the folder where you want to create a new folder from the list and click the Create New Folder button in the bottom of the dialog window.

In the opened window, specify the name of the new folder and click OK. The newly created folder will be displayed as a sub-folder in the specified folder.

4.Click Save.


When you move a file or folder, the owner of these elements and the related access rights may change as well. If this happens when the file or folder are being edited, a warning message will be displayed. When you move a file or folder between your directories but want to overwrite the existing document with the same name, a warning message will appear. If moving the files or folders is impossible, you will be notified accordingly.

When the file or folder is moved:

They will disappear from the Workspace and appear in the folder that you selected as a new location.

The knpk_un_ac (Recent operations) button in the Toolbar becomes active.

The recent operations list will display the information about the operation (successful or unsuccessful).

Cancel moving files or folders

To cancel moving a file:

1.On the Toolbar, click the knpk_un_ac (Recent operations) button. The Sidebar will display a list of recent operations.

2.Place the pointer on the information about the file being moved and click the knpk_undo_action (Undo) button that appears on the operation report or in the window with the detailed description of the operation (see Recent operations list).

In the list of recent operations, you will see a message that moving the file has been canceled and the file being moved will return to the initial folder.

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