You can delete a file or folder in one of the following ways:

On the Toolbar, click the knpk_trash (Delete) button.

Right-click the file or folder name and click the Delete command in the context menu.

Drag the file or folder to the Trash folder using the mouse.


Delete files or folders

To delete a file or folder:

1.Select one or multiple files or folders from the list by clicking their icons.

2.Use one of the methods to delete files or folders.

If you delete a file or folder to which another user has access, a dialog box will appear on the screen with a warning and a hyperlink to the information about the file owner. Confirm the deletion or cancel the file/folder deletion. When deleting multiple files/folders to which multiple users have access, the hyperlink to the information about the file owner will not appear.

When the file or folder is deleted:

They will disappear from the Workspace and appear in the Trash folder (see Trash folder). Files and folders deleted from the Common folders section go to the Trash folder of the owner of those files/folders.

The knpk_un_ac (Recent operations) button in the Toolbar becomes active.

The recent operations list will display the information about the operation (successful or unsuccessful).

Cancel deleting files or folders

To cancel deleting a file or folder (i.e. restore it from the Trash folder):

1.Click the knpk_un_ac (Recent operations) button. The Sidebar will display the list of recent operations.

2.Place the pointer on the information about the file being deleted and click the knpk_undo_action (Undo) button that appears on the operation report or in the window with the detailed description of the operation (see Recent operations list).

In the list of recent operations, you will see a message that deleting the file has been canceled and the file being deleted will return to the initial folder.

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