You can email files or folders to other users of MyOffice Documents and to users who use other applications.

Before sending, documents in internal formats (.xodt and .xods) are converted to other office application formats, including .pdf, selected by the user.

Only one file can be emailed at once.

You cannot email folders using MyOffice Documents.

To email files:

On the Toolbar, click knpk_more (More) > Send via Email.

Right-click the file name and select Send via Email.

To email a file as attachment:

1.Select the file that you want to send by clicking its icon.

2.Select one of the ways to email the file.

3.In the opened window, select the format in which the file will be emailed (this setting is available for .xodt and .xods files).

4.Add the users to whom you want to email the file. Enter the email address or click the knpk_add_contact (Contact list) button to select the contact from the address book.

5.If necessary, move the pointer over the profile photo or the name of the user to whom you are sending the file:

Click the Message button to start discussing with the user in the Dialog or Logos messenger.

Click the Details button to move to the page with detailed information on the selected user in "MyOffice Contacts" (will be displayed in a new browser tab).

6.If needed, add a message and tick the Send a copy to myself box.

7.Click Send.

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